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Why Diesel Is a Good Thing for the 2020 Range Rover Sport

Why Diesel Is a Good Thing for the 2020 Range Rover SportA little whiff from an old truck or a passing highway tractor can make you feel like you're choking. It's often seen as an industrial fuel that leaves soot everywhere. And aren't diesel engines annoyingly loud? You might ask why, then, would Land Rover build the 2020 Range Rover Sport SE and Range Rover Sport HSE with a diesel engine?This isn't...

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Seven Highlights of the 2020 Range Rover Evoque

Seven Highlights of the 2020 Range Rover EvoqueIn the burgeoning compact SUV segment, Land Rover isn't playing around. The 2020 Range Rover Evoque intends to be the best in its class in both form and function. Arguably the sexiest and most athletic in appearance, as well as the terrain-taming heritage that every Ranger Rover is known for, the 2020 Range Rover Evoque is the compact SUV you should park...

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Five Reasons to Choose the 2019 Range Rover Velar

Five Reasons to Choose the 2019 Range Rover VelarIt's been named the most beautiful car in the world, winning the World Car Design of the Year award in 2018. Incredible features, looks, and performance led to being a finalist for the World Car of the Year award as well. All the hardware on the mantle says something about what you can expect from the 2019 Range Rover Velar, doesn't it? The award-winning...

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Celebrating 70 Years of Land Rover

Celebrating 70 Years of Land RoverA Storied History Since 1948Back in 1948, Samuel L. Jackson was born, the popular board game Scrabble was created, the first Polaroid camera was sold, the Toronto Maple Leafs had just won their 7th Stanley Cup, NASCAR held its first ever race, and of course Land Rover debuted the Series I. To say we've come a long way since then is an understatement.Since 1948 Land...

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The Dragon Challenge
 dragon  challenge7

The Dragon ChallengeAre you ready for a challenge? Well, there are some challenges we can never be 100% ready for because some elements are just out of your control: just like the Dragon Challenge. The challenge took place on Tianmen Mountain in Hunan province, China. The Dragon Challenge consists of driving from the bottom of the mountain around 99 sharp turns and up 999 steps, to reach the final...

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Vintage Land Rover Vehicles
 land  rover  series  i e1543247250352

Vintage Land Rover VehiclesLand Rover vehicles are known for their reliability and outstanding quality. And for years now, these vehicles have been praised for their unshakable performance on rugged roads, and even risky terrain. A Land Rover is certainly one of the best choices for rocky, snowy or uneven roads. In this blog, we will take a quick look at the history of these iconic and vintage Land...

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Our Go-To Road Trip Accessories

Our Go-To Road Trip AccessoriesPlanning on taking a road trip, you're in luck!Whether you plan on driving up to Algonquin park for camping, spending some summer days lakeside, or are maybe thinking of driving down the eastern coast to Florida, Budds Land Rover has you covered with the appropriate accessories for your Land Rover. Though the sheer amount of accessories that we offer can be staggering,...

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The Grizzly Torque Adventure
 grizzly  torque1 e1539728892890

The Grizzly Torque AdventureThe Grizzly Torque is the nickname for the very first all-terrain Land Rover vehicle. This vehicle was custom-built in England for a unique adventure around the world. In 1957, a Canadian biologist and ecologist named Bristol Foster wanted to explore the world, but knew it would be difficult and almost impossible to do on his own. To help with this, he decided to invite...

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The Defender is Pushing History Forward

The Defender is Pushing History ForwardAfter a nearly 70-year run in the Land Rover Series, it was a mournful day for adventurers everywhere in 2016 when the Defender ceased production. However, the spirit of adventure truly never dies, and in 2020, a newly remodelled Defender is slated to make its triumphant return to the road.The history of the DefenderBased on the 1948 Series model and initially...

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The Brand-New Range Rover and Range Rover Sport Hybrid

The Brand-New Range Rover and Range Rover Sport HybridThe brand-new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are out and ready to take you on an exciting adventure in the city or countryside, especially their hybrid versions. Both vehicles have the perfect combination of off-roading abilities and luxury. On one hand, the 2019 Range Rover is the ultimate family SUV with great connectivity and the highest level...

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Land Rover Off-Roading Technologies
 technologies e1534355957520

Land Rover Off-Roading TechnologiesLand Rover vehicles are designed to take you above and beyond, whether you're driving in the city or in the countryside. However, since being founded in 1978, Land Rover has especially been known for its extraordinary off-roading capabilities. Over the years, Land Rover engineers have designed and perfected outstanding technologies for driving off-road. Driving a...

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Range Rover Evoque - Perfect for Newcomers!
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Range Rover Evoque - Perfect for Newcomers!If you've heard about the class and versatility of Land Rover SUVs and want to get in one for yourself, but don't know which one is best for you, at Budds' Imported Cars Land Rover we can help you out! We have plenty of options for you to choose from, but you can't go wrong with a Range Rover Evoque for your first dip into the Land Rover pool. It's one of...

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Exploring The Packages And Options for The 2018 Range Rover

Exploring The Packages And Options for The 2018 Range RoverThe 2018 Range Rover is a feature-filled and highly-capable luxury SUV, but you can make it even better with the available packages and options. In addition to your choice of four models, each with more features and power than the last, you can customize the appearance, interior, and more with the useful packages. Thanks to the various...

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Velar Launch
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Velar LaunchVelar Launch - A Brief IntroductionOne Wednesday October 18th, Budds Imported Cars was proud to be apart of the official Velar Launch. Hosted in the Toronto Star building, the venue was transformed into a beautiful showcase for the new Range Rover Velar.The five bars were plentifully stocked, no detail too small. Even the cocktail napkins were Range Rover branded. Wonderfully stocked buffets...

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THE NUMEROUS WAYS THE RANGE ROVER SVAUTOBIOGRAPHY DYNAMIC KEEPS YOU SAFEWith a high SVAutobiography price, it makes sense that the Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic comes standard with a long list of safety features and technologies. Whether you want basic safety amenities like airbags and power-operated child locks or advanced driver aids, the Land Rover SVAutobiography has you covered....

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COMPARING THE 2018 RANGE ROVER VELAR MODELSChoosing the right Range Rover Velar Canada model doesn't have to be a challenge if you know what sets each of the options apart from each other. For 2018, the Land Rover Range Rover Velar price starts at $62,000, a figure that delivers a long list of features. As you move up through the range, you get even more features, enhanced styling, and an...

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