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With a high SVAutobiography price, it makes sense that the Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic comes standard with a long list of safety features and technologies. Whether you want basic safety amenities like airbags and power-operated child locks or advanced driver aids, the Land Rover SVAutobiography has you covered. Here are just a handful of the driver aids that keep you safe at every turn, supplementing the Surround Camera System.Lane Keep Assist Plus Driver Condition Monitor

Two closely related driver aids in the SVAutobiography designed to keep you on track are Lane Keep Assist and the Driver Condition Monitor. The first of these does exactly what the name implies: it ensures that you don't drift out of your lane and will gently steer you back if you do happen to drift out. Meanwhile, the Driver Condition Monitor should hopefully stop you from getting distracted or tired enough where Lane Keep Assist even becomes necessary. It monitors your driving habits to determine if you are beginning to feel drowsy and then lets you know you need a break.

Blind Spot Monitor and Reverse Traffic Detection

The Blind Spot Monitor tracks vehicles within your blind spot or quickly approaching it and lets you know about them via the small warning light on your door mirror. It works with Reverse Traffic Detection in the Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic, which lets you know about approaching hazards from the sides of your vehicle, using both visual and audible warnings.

Park Assist

With the Park Assist system, your Land Rover SVAutobiography is able to steer itself into a parking space, whether it is a traditional perpendicular spot or a parallel one. You just choose the right gear then control the speed; the system does the steering. It can also help you get out of your parking spot when it is time to leave.

Adaptive Cruise Control and Queue Assist

This system ensures that you always stay a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you, making keeping up with traffic completely hassle-free. Best of all, it works just as well in slow-moving city traffic as it does at highway speeds. It also includes Intelligent Emergency Braking to prevent collisions.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Speaking of braking, the SVAutobiography Dynamic's Autonomous Emergency Braking system can detect a potential collision and give you a warning far enough in advance that you can take action. If you don't respond, the system will apply your brakes for you, either preventing the collision or minimizing its impact.

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