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Range Rover Evoque - Perfect for Newcomers!

If you've heard about the class and versatility of Land Rover SUVs and want to get in one for yourself, but don't know which one is best for you, at Budds' Imported Cars Land Rover we can help you out! We have plenty of options for you to choose from, but you can't go wrong with a Range Rover Evoque for your first dip into the Land Rover pool. It's one of the most affordable SUVs from our line-up and has everything that makes Land Rover vehicles so great. From a distinct eye-catching look to rugged utility and ease-of-use, the Range Rover Evoque is the perfect introductory choice.Range Rover Evoque 5 Door/Convertible

Range Rover Evoque Exterior

Right off the bat, the Range Rover Evoque is available in either a comprehensive five-door model that is fit to take you across the toughest off-road landscapes or a convertible model that lets you feel the wind in your hair during those sunny city and highway drives. That's what the Range Rover Evoque gives you, unmatched versatility that is up-to-the-task no matter what you want out of it. It's sleek exterior design showcases that classic look that Land Rover SUVs are known for, while also being engineered to stand-up to country roads. Whatever you desire from your first Land Rover, the Range Rover Evoque delivers.

Range Rover Evoque Interior

The insides of the Range Rover Evoque, both under the hood and inside the cabin present top tier quality that represent just a taste of what Land Rover is capable of. Its 4-cylinder 2.0 L Si4 engine comes with either 237 or 286 horsepower for a sporty yet economical drive. This efficient engine keeps the driver in mind with great fuel economy for both the city and off-road. The interior of the Range Rover Evoque displays nothing but high craftsmanship and comfort from its leather electric massage seats and personalization options, including a variety of colour choices and textured wood veneer paneling. Don't be intimidated sitting inside this large vehicle and wonder how you'll be able to handle such a machine, as driver aids like Blind Spot Monitoring and Traffic Sign Recognition will provide you with comprehensive external information that alerts you of obstructions that you may not see.

Ranger Rover Evoque Back

Ownership Benefits

Becoming a part of the Land Rover family doesn't mean you just get a Range Rover Evoque and that's it. Our ownership benefits program is unlike any other and supports you inside and out of your vehicle. Each new Land Rover is covered by a New Vehicle Limited Warranty to give you peace of mind when you're getting used to your new SUV. Don't fret about anything happening to your vehicle on the road that you won't be able to handle because you'll always have 24-hour roadside assistance on your hands. We uphold high standards for our service experience, meeting the level of the vehicles we serve, so that your Land Rover will always be serviced by certified professionals.
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