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Best Use of a Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar is the perfect SUV if you want to go off-roading and look good doing it! This luxury vehicle is simply stunning from the inside out while maintaining all of the rugged utility needed to excel over rough terrain. The Range Rover Velar has been engineered to operate on the highest level possible for both city and country driving, so you can switch seamlessly without looking out of place. Popular as both a graduation gift for young millennials entering the workforce and as a secondary luxury vehicle option for families, the Range Rover Velar is a multi-faceted option. Let us show you at Budds' Imported Cars Land Rover how you can best use the Range Rover Velar.range rover velar side city

Beautiful Design

With a starting price of $62,000, the Range Rover Velar provides a gorgeous looking vehicle that promotes refined sophistication and function. The exterior is made from gorgeous sheet metal in a sleek profile design. Even the door handles retract into the side of the vehicle to maintain the aerodynamic look. Inside the Range Rover Velar, the interior is simple yet elegant across every inch of the cabin. Its immaculate materials make sure everyone inside is comfortable while riding in style. The vehicle may look large at first glance, but it's really quite a svelte SUV for its size, coming in it at only 4.8 m in length and 1.7 m tall. Wherever you take your Range Rover Velar, it'll look great!range rover velar off-road

Off-Roading Prowess

Sure, the Range Rover Velar looks beautiful, but don't be afraid to take it in the dirt and mud. Just as it was designed to look great, it was also made to take you over rugged environments. With the Electronic Air Suspension system, it has a ground clearance of 251 mm and a wading depth of 650 mm. The Range Rover Velar has a selection of outdoor capability features that will help you conquer any terrain. The Terrain Response system gives you control of the engine, gearbox and chassis so you can match it to best handle the ground underneath. Its All Terrain Progress Control system also helps you out by setting a standard speed so you can focus on handling through the uneven conditions. Of course, its All Wheel Drive will provide terrific traction both on and off road. Don't be fooled by its clean looks, the Range Rover Velar is ready to get dirty off-road!

range rover velar interior dashboard

Sumptuous Infotainment

For those who need to have all of the latest technology in their vehicle, the Range Rover Velar can more than keep up. Its Touch Pro Duo touchscreen system lets you efficiently interact with all of the connectivity and media information you desire in your vehicle. The interactive driver display gives you a 12.3-inch HD display right behind your steering wheel. You can connect your Range Rover Velar to your smartphone or smartwatch and easily start the engine, adjust the temperature, lock or unlock your vehicle and locate it in a busy parking lot. For all of your connectivity needs and ease of driver use, the Range Rover Velar is up to the task!

What makes the Range Rover Velar so special is its versatility. A vehicle that looks this great shouldn't also be so well-equipped to handle the outdoors, but the Range Rover Velar is! Its an SUV best used by someone who needs a vehicle that transitions easily from weekend adventures to distinguished city driving during the week for working professionals.

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