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Land Rover Off-Roading Technologies

Land Rover vehicles are designed to take you above and beyond, whether you're driving in the city or in the countryside. However, since being founded in 1978, Land Rover has especially been known for its extraordinary off-roading capabilities. Over the years, Land Rover engineers have designed and perfected outstanding technologies for driving off-road. Driving a Land Rover is more than driving a vehicle, they're designed to provide an ultimate off-road driving experience.

Terrain Response ®

The Terrain Response ® is a system that allows Land Rover drivers and passengers to enjoy their ride even when off-road. This technology has been created with multiple features and gives the driver several options to choose from depending on road conditions. Recently, Land Rover has also released a second version of this system, the Terrain Response 2. This upgraded system, will take you and your passengers to a new level.

Land Rover Technologies

With this system, the driver can choose between several modes to optimize the vehicle's performance on a variety of surfaces including grass, gravel, snow, ice, sand and mud. You can drive off-road with confidence knowing that his technology has been tried and tested in 20 different countries and on nearly every terrain imaginable with temperatures varying from -40 to +51o C. That's not all, Land Rover vehicles are also capable of climbing rocks and uneven terrain with just a push of a button. With the new Terrain Response ® 2, all you have to do is let your vehicle sense and adjust automatically to the road conditions so you can enjoy your many adventures across the country.

Hill Descent Control in Motion

How confident do you feel about climbing down a gravel hill in your vehicle? Climbing down a hill in your Land Rover is absolutely no problem with the Hill Descent Control in Motion technology. This is how it works: the system helps maintain a steady speed and applies brakes to each wheel (where needed). This, in return, keeps you in control of the vehicle at all times so you can drive down challenging hills with confidence.

Structured Laser Light Technology

The Structured Laser Light Technology is a technology of the future. Land Rover engineers are currently working to deliver this feature for easier off-road driving. This technology will allow Land Rover vehicles to automatically adjust their suspension system for ultimate comfort on any terrain. Land Rover vehicles will project a laser light on the road ahead and warn the system of any obstacles coming. Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for this new technology that will surely revolutionize your driving experience.

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