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The Grizzly Torque Adventure

The Grizzly Torque is the nickname for the very first all-terrain Land Rover vehicle. This vehicle was custom-built in England for a unique adventure around the world. In 1957, a Canadian biologist and ecologist named Bristol Foster wanted to explore the world, but knew it would be difficult and almost impossible to do on his own. To help with this, he decided to invite his friend, Robert Bateman, along for the adventure! Read on to learn more about the Grizzly Torque adventure!

Travelling the World

Bristol Foster and Robert Bateman standing by the Grizzly Torque

Bristol Foster and Robert Bateman embarked on their journey with a 1957 Land Rover Series I to conquer 19 countries and 4 continents. During their 14-month journey across the world, they covered 60,000 km. This expedition allowed the two friends to discover many new cultures and countries, including Nigeria, Central African Republic, India, and Australia. Foster is a biologist and an ecologist, so this journey around the world gave him the opportunity to enjoy and discover nature in a whole new way. On the other hand, Bateman is an artist and naturalist who was inspired by the journey to paint pictures that represent the different cultures they discovered along the way. The two friends did a lot painting, filming, and photographing while enjoying the wildlife and exploring the world!

Challenges And Victory

Paintings on the Grizzly Torque

When Foster and Bateman decided to start this journey they were also aware they would need a reliable and powerful vehicle that could go through the jungle, desert, mountain, rocky terrains and snow, so they knew it had to be a Land Rover. This is why they decided to order a custom-made Land Rover vehicle, the Land Rover Series I, that could endure and take them to the very end of their journey.

Even after many challenges on the road, the pair safely returned to Canada. After their arrival back in Canada, Foster and Bateman sold the Grizzly Torque, which was never seen from again until recently! When the current owner realized the special nature of the vehicle he possessed, he decided to embark on a restoration mission to bring the vehicle back to its former glory. This is the incredible story of the remarkable Grizzly Roque and its two heroes!

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